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Mr Abdelelah M. Al-Khatib
Foreign Minister - The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Mr Yacoub Al Hillo
Chief of Mission for Iraq Operation Unit in Amman
Most urgent
I undersigned , writing to express my deep concern regarding a group comprise of 57 men, 38 women, 81 children and 18 babies from Iranian Kurdish refugees, who are waiting in NML between Iraq and Jordan since January 2005, but they are denied entry by Jordanian officials,
Moreover, not just the horrible circumstances, unknown future and security concern are threating these refugees` life but also the living extreme conditions are deteriorating with temperatures at night falling to zero degrees.
No be untold that they lack or have a little access to basic life necessities such as food, water, shelter, and medical assistance.
I kindly call for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to allow this people to cross the border, and to be settled in the Ruweished camp, a well-equipped refugee camp inside Jordan.
At the same time the UNHCR is expected to make all possible efforts as soon as possible, through cooperation with the countries of resettlement, to find a timely, viable and durable solution for these refugees, ensuring that they are able to settle as soon as possible in a country in safety and dignity.
These children, women and elderly refugees are forgotten victims of democracy in the region, that’s why your good decision and quick action would highly be appreciated
Your sincerely

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